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Christmas FESTIVAL

2024 vendor information

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our annual Christmas festival!  Each year we search for a wide array of vendors that will create a fun shopping atmosphere and help us achieve our goal of kicking off a season of Joy in our community!  

In an effort to provide variety for our shoppers and to increase sales for our vendors we will limit the number of similar booths.  We are also searching for vendors that will fit well with our Christmas theme.  

Our 2024 festival will be held the following days:

Friday November 22nd 10am-6pm

Saturday November 23rd 10am-6pm

and Sunday November 24th 11am-5pm

As a vendor you are required to be present and set up for the entirety of the festival.  

We will create a fun and festive atmosphere, full of workshops, food, and characters that will draw crowds.  Our first year we had 800 guests attend our festival over a three day period.  Our second year we more than doubled the first years attendance, and last year we had over 2100 guests.  This will be our fourth year!    

Booth costs are dependent on the size you choose.  

6' table - $150

8' table - $175

13' farm table with guaranteed upstairs placement - $250

10x10 booth in barn (limited availability) - $250

10x10 booth on outside pad - $150*

(see tent requirements below)

Larger custom booth options also available - $$

outdoor space for trucks and trailers - $150

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the 2023 Christmas Festival please fill out the application below.  We will be accepting applications through November 15th.  If you are placed on the waiting list you will be contacted closer to the event to let you know if a space in your category has opened or not.  We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!  

* vendor information for an outdoor space.  

You will be provided with a 10x10 space located on our concrete pad. You will have access to electricity.  If you would like a 6 or 8 foot table just let us know. 

You will be responsible for providing the following for your space.  

A white 10x10 tent (with weights on poles) and lighting for within your tent.

Stakes can be used on the back two poles, for tents not located in the center of the pad.  

2024 Vendor Application
please include products and past booths
Past experience with Shady Elms Farm's Christmas Festival

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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