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the ladies of shady elms farm

Hi, I’m Joelle.  I was first introduced to Shady Elms Farm while attending Geneva College.  My husband, Alex, took me on a quad ride through the fields; needless to say I thought it was beautiful.  After getting engaged we often talked about his passion for farming and our dream to become business owners.  Then God open the door to use the farm as a wedding venue.  Along side many family & friends we spent the summer of 2010 renovating the grounds.  We used our September wedding to launch Shady Elms Farm LLC.  Since then God has directed our steps to wonderful things.  I love so much about this business: from working with family and spending summers outdoors, to creating custom designs and making our brides dreams come true!

Joelle Cowden

Jane Cowden

a little about us

Hi I'm Jane.  Shady Elms Farm has been a part of my entire life!  My husband and I are the third generation to reside here.  We raised and homeschooled our four wonderful children next door and once they were all in college they told me that I better get another life!  We purchased the farm and along came my daughter-in-law with great enthusiasm to start a wedding business, so we did!  God has blessed our every move with the business and I am so happy to be following the path He is making for me.  I enjoy every aspect from meeting with potential brides to designing their flowers, to witnessing their big day!  By then we feel like one big happy family!  

I graduated from Geneva College in marketing and graphic design

I have a weak spot for flowers and dogs - Ironically I am allergic to both

I love traveling to new places, but a warm beach is my favorite vacation spot

I can get lost in designing home floor plans - we are currently building on the farm

Favorite meal: fresh homegrown tomatoes & corn on the cob. Mmm

I became a mother in September 2015, and I now have three little loves!

Marjorie Curran

Bess Harshman

Lisa Zatta

Mikayla Zatta

our family

Evelyn Cowden

Brynn Cowden

Jeremiah Cowden

Alex Cowden

Gary Cowden

the farm


Ella (mom)

Tucker Bear (dad)






farm dogs

As you can see we are a little wild about border collies around here!  In May 2015 Tucker and Ella had a litter of 8 puppies and 5 live with SEF ladies.  Ella, Angus & Rose live with Jane; Tucker and Pepper live with Joelle; Copper lives with Lisa; and Ruby lives with Mikayla.  We all love bringing them to work!  They often welcome visitors and enjoy exploring our 194 acre farm all summer long.  It is defiantly a dogs life here!   

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